About Us

Our first event, a wedding, took place in Autumn 2009. It was an unusually sunny September day, as if the heavens themselves had conceded to the bride’s wishes. 

Amira stood, stunning and serene – a world away from the stressed taskmaster we first met in spring that year. She and Raj had visited us in a haze of activity: juggling samples, taking and making calls, worrying about how they had such little time. We sat them down and – corny as it sounds – asked them to close their eyes and picture their wedding. "What do you see? "

Almost immediately, a calm smile spread across Amira’s lips. White flowers, she said. "White flowers everywhere. Gorgeous trees, still glowing from the summer gone by. Chairs of oak and cushions of feathers. A sweeping white marquee with gentle lights to ease us into evening."

Raj opened his eyes and rolled them at her, but we knew he was enamoured by the vision, and so were we. From that moment, we vowed that every wedding we served would live up to the bride’s standards. It was Raj and Amira that first inspired our core values below, and every couple since that has kept those values at the forefront of everything we do:



If we say 10am, we don’t mean 10.15am, we don’t mean 10.01am – we mean 10am. We are punctual, reliable and we stick to our promises.


No request is too small. If you decide the hue of our lighting needs some undertones of misty orchid, we won’t try to convince you that purple will do; we’ll find a way to add misty orchid.


We don’t operate in our own little silo. We collaborate with your other suppliers to make sure your event is as harmonious as possible.



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